Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

When one of your friend’s is expecting you are excited to organise a baby shower. Your friend will be stressed out trying to find everything for the infant. You can be of use by asking all the friends and family to gift the essentials needed when having a child. Start preparing your checklist to organise the party and get the party gift list sorted out! This guide will help you to choose the best baby shower gift ideas.

Baby boots and shoes

There are more than hundred infant shoes made in different styles and colours that is perfect for babies from 0 – 24 months. Baby footwear has been designed to adapt to the soft growing feet of babies up until they take the first step wearing a pair of shoes too.

Personalised baby stationary

Getting the mother personalised stationary after the infant is born is perfect. She will be hoping to send everyone who helped and supported some thank-you notes. Let’s not forget that the stationary will be used will be for holiday greeting cards too.

A bouncer

One of the perfect baby gifts from Australia is getting a bouncer. The vibrations, colours and the music of the bouncer will keep the infant gurgling and happy. The infant will definitely fall asleep while enjoying the comforts of the bouncer.

A sleep sack

The safest place for an infant to sleep is to use a sleep sack. The sleep sack covers the infant from shoulder to the toes. It is very cosy for a small one during cool nights.

Play mat

The playmates now available are bright and colourful. There are little soft animals, teether and chimes hanging allowing the infant to reach out. The play mats are washable which is excellent because having a infant can get messy. Add a personalised toy box filled with soft toys as a loving touch.

The classic baby carrier

Baby carriers are essential for those who have a child. The infant will fit comfortably, and the parents will be able to carry your child comfortably too.

Car seats

Car seats can be bought directly or can be customised with a five-point harness to keep your infant safely in the seat when running over a road bump.


Getting your friend’s child a few footsie pyjamas, hats, socks, mittens all coordinated will look so adorable.

Diaper bag

This is the perfect substitute for a handbag when you become a mother. A mom will be carrying diapers, formula bottle and powder, extra clothing articles too. Keys, wallets and even the phone can be carried around.

Work among each other and figure out who will gift what and make the soon-to-be-mother very happy.