Choosing Flowers For Various Occasions

Flowers are often seen in almost every occasion. Be it a wedding, a birth or a death; it is a tradition that we gift flowers to share joy or show sympathy. Just as many things has its symbolism and hidden meanings, flowers to have special portrayals. While some flowers could be used for weddings, there are other flowers that could be used for occasions such as funerals. It is important that you have an idea on what each flower depicts in order to make sure you do not use the wrong type of flower for the wrong occasion. Following are some tips on choosing the right type of flowers for various occasions.


This is an event where a lot of thought is out into before choosing anything. Flowers play a major part in a wedding and choosing the right type of flowers is an important task. The easiest way to do this is by engaging in a friendly chat with your florist. They will guide you through what you should and should not do along with what types of flowers you should use. The most important aspect that they will also discuss will be the price. Many flowers have different price ranges. Depending on how rare and difficult it is to grow these flowers, the price would change. Sometimes the flowers that suit your wedding theme might be the most expensive flowers that are available. Therefore, you need to keep you options open and make sure you pick the right type of flowers to make your big day even more beautiful.


This is an event where there will be people who are grieving for a departed soul. Therefore, you need to make sure that you empathize and sympathize their situation when you send them flowers. You can use an online flower delivery service or deliver these flowers by yourself. We usually use very light colored flowers for this purposes. Many flower vendors has ready made products for funerals. They have an idea of what types of flowers should be sent and how it should be arranged. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you allow your flower vendor to provide you the best they can. As this is a sensitive event you need to be very careful on how you deal with this situation. You should support the grieving family to heal and not upset them further. Therefore you need to make sure you are aware of what you send them. As flowers are great to send and to receive, you should always remember that it has many hidden meanings and ideas behind and should be careful. It is always best to get advice from an floral expert before you make any decision.