Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

Things go wrong in our lives all the time. We feel as though things will never get better, that negative things always happen to us and no matter what we do, it will never get better. Sometimes we even think ourselves into a funk. However, a negative attitude like this can make it much more difficult to go about our day to day activities and complete them without a problem. Since bad moods and bad times come around all the time, here are some of the ways in which you can get yourself out if one. bracelets online

Retail Therapy 
This can go dangerously out of control so start by setting yourself a stringent limit on how much you want to spend on yourself. One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to indulge a bit and buy yourself something that you have always wanted. This can be at a bracelet online shop, or a shimmery eye shadow at a makeup store. It can be a book that you have been meaning to get for months and kept postponing or even a channel subscription to a sports channel for a month. Try to limit it to one purchase as multiple purchases can escalate into a shopping spree and that will make you spend more than you can afford, or more than you want to. 

Eat Your Feelings 
Just like your resolution to buy watches Hong Kong and nothing more, eating your feelings can go wildly out of control. This one is best done with friends as they can keep an eye on you and stop when you have gone too far. Ice cream is legendary in its ability to make you feel better, while chocolate and pizza are also favourites. Comfort food however can vary from person to person. They are mostly warm dishes with tons of dairy or gluten, so mac ‘n cheese, burghers, coffee and tea are known for its ability to provide ease to heart break. The trick is to think happy thoughts and reinforce the happiness you feel from eating your favourite foods, so that by the time you’re done, you would be feeling much better. 

Friends for Ever 
Even if you don’t want to talk to them necessarily, having them there can help lift up your mood. Most friends will talk to you, distract you and do other activities to help you feel better. If what you need is a good cry, then your friends can probably provide that too. In some cases what is needed is some hard core gaming or even studying to take your mind off of the original reason why you feel unhappy and friends are guaranteed to provide that. 

These are temporary solutions but they can lead to you permanently feeling much better, so start cracking those ice cream scoops now!